Are You Washing Your Face Correctly?

People all over the world unknowingly commit the biggest mistake when it comes to washing their face.  The sin of not washing their face. The necessity of washing their facing correctly is a close second.  Thirdly, most people have a tendency to miss some of simplest steps with makeup removal. Most women have a beauty regimen that doesn’t include these important steps that give their skin that youthful vibrant refreshed sensation we’re all seeking! After reading this article you will understand the concepts behind the appropriate methods to clean your face. The negative effects of sleeping with makeup. Tips to build a habit of washing our faces daily. 

Makeup Removal

Dangers of keeping makeup on your face overnight

Every person should have a routine when they remove their makeup, however, if makeup isn’t part of your daily routine then you could be putting your skin at risk. Simply, because the chemicals and ingredients in most makeup items may be harmful to your facial skin.  Before we go through the steps of removing makeup. We first must build the habit of removing makeup from our face. Some of us can relate to “failing” to clean our face at the end of the night. Especially after coming home late from a party and you are exhausted and the only thing on your mind is sleep. Let’s be honest we aren’t thinking about washing our face. Particularly, if we haven’t built a habit of cleaning our face, we truly run the risk of harming our facial skin. 

One night stand with makeup

            When you’re in the heat of the moment and your decisions are determined by something other than logical sense the vitality of your facial skin is the victim.  You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning full of regret from the night before and you can see it from the reflection in the mirror. Most dermatologists would agree, if we fail to remove makeup from our face, we will leave our skin vulnerable to environmental containments that may cause your skin to break down internally. “Healthy collagen” requires maintenance and “TLC=tender loving care”. However, one night of neglect will not dramatically destroy your skin.

In time, with a constant routine of ignoring the proper nourishment, it takes to have “radiant skin” will soon develop tough battle with nagging acne. As many know, most acne is caused by bacteria, but we can reduce the likelihood of developing acne if our pores are clean and aren’t vulnerably exposed regularly. Neglecting to remove makeup suffocates our skin. Ultimately, this gives an opportunity for bacteria to develop in those clogged pores causing acne.

Ageless beauty vs Accelerating Old Age

            Stress may cause wrinkles on our face. It is something we really cannot avoid, but to not routinely put in the time to give our face the “(TLC) tender loving care” it needs to be a healthy, glowing, part your life. Our bodies need the daily rejuvenation to heal and restore from the stress throughout the day. Our skin needs that same restoration, when we sleep with makeup, we are not allowing our face to recovery from the day. This leads to accelerating our skin into old age.  The constants neglect will quickly produce creases and lines visible noticeable aging.

Let’s Review: Why facial cleanse is important!

•    It cleanses away cosmetics, impurities and environmental containments from the surface of your skin, which could lead to irritation or cause your skin to age more rapidly.

•    It decreases the risk of developing acne, redness, blackheads and other types of blemishes.

•    It encourages rejuvenation by eliminating dead cells on your skin.

•    It lets your skin breathe.


By taking the time to clean your face well, you will discover the joy of a vibrant, toned, youthful and well-nourished skin, even if you wear just a little makeup or none at all. As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons to add this step to your beauty routine! 

When to wash your face in the morning

Most people forget to remove makeup before calling it a night and the same is true for most people in the morning as well, they forget to always wash their face in the morning.  Mornings are preferably best to build a habit when washing your face. This routine climates the excess skin from the perspiration and oils accumulated overnight. When you have dry skin resist the urge to over washing your face. This will make matters worse by overdoing it. Simply use a soft soap or liquid cleanser with a pH that isn’t too harsh on your skin. As always use a daily moisturizer to assist your external portion of your skin youthful in appearance.

How to remove your makeup

A common misconception is the use of a shower gel or regular soap can be used to wash our face.  However, you should know that a standard bar soap and generic liquid shower gel is explicitly avoided for various reasons. These types of cosmetic products are too abrasive for the skin and will destroy the protective layer, leaving our skin with extreme dryness. 

Step-by-step makeup removal

•    Make sure to thoroughly wash hands well for at least 20 seconds.

•    Place a small amount of makeup remover, and a simple facial cleanser onto a cotton pad or makeup remover pad. (Please note: there are many items that can be purchased that directly remove makeup with wet skin, without requiring the use of a makeup pad remover)

•    Sweep the makeup remover pad or cotton pad over the face—avoid harsh rubbing. 

•    Duplicate this step as many times as needed until the makeup pad has no visible signs of makeup on the pad. 

•    Use a clean soft small towel to rinse it under hot water and use it to wipe off any remaining markup from your face.

•    Lastly by applying a cleansing toner with an unused makeup pad or fresh cotton swab ball to finalize the cleansing process in your skin, which rejuvenates your skin’s pH balance and prepares it for your daily moisturizer. 

Evening Skin Care Regimen using Natural Products

It is extremely important to cleanse your skin in the evening before you go to bed.  Cleansing your face takes out the daily toxins that your skin is exposed to during the day.  While there are many products that are available in the market, some may opt for natural products that will cleanse and heal the skin and is completely free of toxins!  Here are some tips to use natural products for healthy glowing skin.

1.      Oil Cleansing:  The idea behind oil cleansing is to use oil to remove excess oil from your skin.  Some may think that oil cleansing will lead facial breakouts, but it actually does the opposite.  Oil cleansing leaves the skin moisturized, free of excess oil, and pH balanced..  It is recommended to use oils such as olive oil or coconut oil.  When using olive oil, use a cotton ball and dip it in small amount of olive oil.  Rub it on to your face to remove oils and make up.  When using coconut oil, melt the oil by rubbing a small amount on the palm of your hand.  Using a cotton ball, wipe the coconut oil off your palm and rub it across your face ensuring to cleanse the whole face with the oil.

2.      Cleanse:  After oil cleansing, wash face with a water-based cleanser such as Simple Water Boost Micellar Water.

3.      Exfoliate: Using an exfoliator will remove dead skin cells and reveal bright skin from underneath.  Using an exfoliator from your local drug store will do but if you choose a more natural option, you may create an exfoliator using olive oil and sea salt.  Using a small mason jar, pour ¼ cup olive oil into the jar.  Add ¼ cup sea salt or until the consistency is grainy.  You may add essential oils such as lavender or mint to give it an aroma.  Scrub it on your face to remove dead skin cells and rinse with warm water.  It is recommended to exfoliate once or twice a week only.  Over-exfoliating may cause more harm to the skin.

4.      Toner:   Using a toner will even out the complexion of the skin, maintain the skin’s pH balance, minimize the pores, and will also keep the oil under control.  A natural toner can be made at home using apple cider vinegar.  To create this natural toner, add 1 part apple cider vinegar to 4 parts water.  If it is too strong for your skin, try adding more water to dilute the solution. 

5.      Moisturize:  It is very important to moisturize as the final step of the skin care regimen.  Natural oils can be used to moisturize the skin and has many benefits.  Olive oil is a great natural moisturizer and acts as an anti-aging treatment.  Organic coconut oil moisturizes dry skin and has healing properties especially for the acne-prone skin.

7 reason why stress can be destructive to your face

We’ve all been there, you’re in a rush to get all prepared for the big event. Then “BOOM!” a huge ZIT! Timing right! Isn’t it ironic, have you ever noticed how zits seem to conveniently present themselves at the absolute worst time! The morning of your big wedding day, or the night of a party you've been anticipating all week! Or when you’re getting for a date with that special someone and while washing your face you notice a pimple staring at you in the mirror! Well, lucky for you, we have the answer to why pimples suddenly show themselves at the most inconvenient times of your life. The most likely reason behind that sudden zit is “STRESS.” Believe or not stress can be very destructive to you skin, causing breakouts, random cluster of pimples, sudden redness and over time can produce wrinkles “YIKES!” Find out the reasons behind the stress that produces sudden pimples so that you can be ready to avoid these “triggers” before they happen.


More times than not your glands produce hormones when you are in a state of stress.  It is the nature of our bodies. The defense mechanism that some experts call the “fight” or “flight” response is actually called “acute stress response.” There are certain hormones that “trigger” the glands to take blood cells away from the collagen in your facial skin and sending it to support muscles and other vital organs. That's great if you're trying to fight off a cold or the flu, but it can be an annoying facial disaster, particularly when you want to impress your date with that smooth skin. The constant barrage of stress deprives our skin of hemoglobin with carries oxygenated blood. This causes our skin to be vulnerable to skin diseases and “flare-ups” Of the hormones that arise during stress cortisol is the most significant hormone that can cause your oil glands to be overactive. And so, those of us who are susceptible to getting acne you will observe more breakouts than usual.


You know that feeling when you drink too much coffee or take one too many energy drinks; your mind feels like its running a thousand miles per hour! It’s nearly impossible to turn off your mind! Some say “sleep is for the weak,” actually if you don’t get any sleep you will be weak (physically). Your immune system hasn’t had the opportunity to rejuvenate and restore lost cells.   Sleep is vital to healthy skin. We need adequate amount of rest in our bodies. By simply getting some “shut-eye,” we can dramatically decrease cortisol levels. More sleep = less cortisol = less stress = Better skin! It’s a bad place to be when you decide to not regularly sleep, because combined just the smallest amount of increased cortisol levels can cause our immune system to be “on guard” unnecessarily.   


For some people skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis are conditions they have grown accustomed to living with. However, you may or may not notice the reason why you have a tendency to be itching more during “finals week” or frantically trying to get that project completed before that deadline is simply due to stress. Most experts would agree the primary reason for these skin disorders is due to being stressed out. When you observe your eczema suddenly appearing seemingly out of nowhere or not getting better from your normal application of hydrocortisone then you need to consider destressing or remove yourself from that stressor.



Depending on the how you deal with stress may be the actual reason that you’re having breakouts. Some people have these habits that display the signs of anxiety.  Majority of those who have nervous habits will chomp at their fingernails or just simply scratch their skin. While others tend to twirl their hair without even realizing it.  Here’s the kicker, when we unconsciously engage in these nervous habits we unknowingly collect bacteria underneath our fingernails and transfer them to our face.  When we do this our face is trying to heal from that unexpected zit, more zits tend to spread and seem not to get better. So before you take that 5-hour energy shot or double espresso to get you focused just remember caffeine will only increase the intensity of those habits. Reach for that ice cold filter water bottle.


Relax, don’t worry — stress isn’t proven to cause cancer. However, it can increase your chances of your body developing cancer. When your body is in a state of stress especially producing high levels of cortisol keeping our immune system concerned fighting battles unnecessarily. In contrast, our immune system could be fighting off more threatening concerns that may more harmful to our bodies. In fact, experts have discovered that a specific part of our immune system that fights basal cell skin cancers is compromised due to stress.  So make it a point to be creative with finding ways to reduce the stress in your life primarily to keep your body’s defense mechanism to perform at their very best.




Well, if you’re reading this blog, you may not be worried about wrinkles just yet. However, constant worry will cause your brow to furrow and other facial features like your cheeks, forehead, chin and the area around your eyes will begin to form fine lines fairly quickly. Hormones produced due to stress will accelerate the aging process in the skin because as stated in the earlier reason your immune system is too busy fighting stress-related battles instead of fighting against the environmental risk that may be harmful to your skin such as ultra-violet rays, second-hand cigarette smoke, smog or automobile population.  Our body’s defense can only do so much when using up the resources made to protect your skin due to self-induced stress then you naturally leave your body and your skin vulnerable to attack.

Light at the end of the tunnel! 

With a recommit to living a healthy lifestyle and small measurable goals to rid ourselves of stressors, we can achieve the youthful, smooth, vibrant looking skin! It is really not a far stretch. When those thoughts of anxiety and the sudden frantic feeling—take a deep breath, close your eye take a deep breath in, exhale slowly.  Or better yet get some fresh air, go for a walk or sit a quiet place of solitude. Maybe a small brisk exercise may help.  Calling a friend usually helps to just get out your thoughts in the open goes a long way. These few simple tips will lower your cortisol levels, which will do more than just give you clear skin it will give you a clear mind and more importantly peace.