Five Makeup Foundations for those with Oily Skin

According to the between 40 and 55 percent of the adult population age 20-40 have low grade, persistent acne and oily skin. If you fall into this category you know the dilemma of finding a foundation that really works with your oily skin — you will soon learn that your foundation suddenly smears itself away in just a few hours. Or worse it’s that feeling like you stuffed your face on cake batter.  It feels like your face can’t breathe and its clogging your pores or suffocating your pores.

However, don’t fret, there are foundations that provide the smooth comfortable feeling you’re looking for! Ideally we have to select a foundation that won’t mess with you body’s natural producing oils.

We recommend searching for a foundation that specializes in treating facial skin that has a tendency to be oily or facial skin prone to have acne. We definitely suggest you purchase a face wash that contains an ingredient called “salicylic acid.” It’s an ingredient specifically attacks acne and help reduce the natural oil in the pores in your face. Here are a few foundations that can keep your oil under control all day.

1.     Revlon Color Stay for Oily Skin

This foundation comes with a mess-free pump and SPF protection.  Revlon claims to hold the foundation all day. Which is great because by the end the day you don’t feel like a shiny grease producing machine.  It comes in over 30 different types of skin tone. It really feels light on the skin. This foundation is made for those who have really oily skin who have struggles with the oil absorption and “grease shine” on their faces. The chemistry behind this formula is light on the face it’s also highly customizable—that means you can really build upon the existing coat and cover more area.            

2.     Cover Girl Clean Matte BB Cream

I like this foundation because it’s a cream-based formula and it’s an oil-free formula that has just the right amount of coverage to give that smooth skin appearance.  This foundation does a good job with concealing blemishes plus it will not clog those pores. Cover girl claims to reduce that oily skin and keeping your grease-free for 24 hours! The cover cream will be infused with hydrating producing ingredient that decreases the natural oils on your face. Some of the features that this formula is designed to do is reduce redness, keep that grease shine under control with hydrating effects and most of all the low in maintenance giving you that matte smooth looking finish we’re all looking for!

3.     L’Oréal Pro-Matte Foundation

Just like the other foundations, this one also has an all-day lasting coverage. Similar to Revlon, this has a light composition with a smooth matte finish. Also similar to Revlon this formula has a high water content for extreme comfort and non-shiny heavy feeling that might be clogging your pores. Here are some of the benefits in this special formula, which includes ingredients that absorb the sweat and oil without interrupting the color shades. However, the coverage is lacking covering only moderate to medium coverage and this formula is not able to build upon the foundation like other formulas. Despite a few dissatisfying features this foundation feels like a liquid version of blotting papers.  It feels extremely light. The texture isn’t heavy and feels like you can breathe.


4.     Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Pore-less Foundation

This unique formula has a matte finish, utilizing the “micro-powders” to reduce that greasy shine and it minimizes the pores from being clogged.  Most dermatologist recommend this product because the micro-powders are hypo-allergic. The active ingredients absorb oil and smooth out the surface of your face so that the pores are significantly reduced and seemingly vanish. This particular product has over 40 shades to complement the skin tone color you’re looking for!

5.     Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil-Free Makeup

This foundation is for those who are prone to have acne or “flare ups” and “break outs” due to the sensitivity of your skin. This product is the #1 dermatologist recommended for those who tend to break out with pimples and yet still desire to use foundation on their face. Most foundations clog up your pores but this formula has dual benefits. First it gives your face that natural look instead of the cake face or clown over makeup appearance. But rather the coverage contains salicylic acid pores from producing acne to reduce those blemishes.

Top rated Mud Masks to prevent Acne breakouts

Acne is no longer just something we go through as teenagers.  Even years after puberty you can still deal with acne as an adult. Nowadays, more and more people have an active battle with acne as though they were going to puberty! Acne has no age limit. You could have a well maintained facial regimen and very diligent with taking off makeup each night before you sleep and you could still end up with a breakout that seems to come out of nowhere.  It could most likely be due to stress or an excessive naturally oily skin or genetically predisposed to acne. It really doesn’t matter acne doesn't prejudge when it decides to flare up or randomly breakout. We could go back to our old method of picking and popping our zits like the good ole days. But now we are the wiser and actually have a plan of how to preemptively attack before those zits attack. We can take a measured approach and have a game plan included with our skin regimen.

The practice of applying mud masks has been vetted and reliable for many years and they’re our go to treatment for acne breakouts. Most experts would agree that mud masks are effective forms of treating acne. According to some dermatologist are the best way to prevent the sudden breakouts is to include a mud mask into your beauty regimen. Mud masks can be one of the most beneficial treatments as they can clear up your skin, uproot excess oil, and exfoliate your dead facial skin.

How is mud plastered onto our faces able to treat acne breakouts? Most mud masks treatments are more than just jumbled piles of dirt and water clustered together in a nice packaged container In fact, many contain added ingredients like charcoal, zinc, copper, and botanicals. Fortunate for you, mud masks are crucial for most skin-care products, and there is a plethora of products to choose from and can fit any skin type.

Trésor Rare Intensive Recovery Japanese Binchotan Zumi Mask

The mother of all high end mud masks. The latest and greatest from their product line Trésor Rare is only sold in certain stores and will put huge hole in your pocket, but if you're into luxury facial treatments, then look no further

Glam glow Youth mud Tingle exfoliate Treatment

Highly anticipated and over marketed everywhere and some say over rated. It’s especially over hyped all over the internet.  To be completely honest, you have to try it to debunk the critics.  This facemask is amazing! You know the saying you won’t believe it until you see it.  Well, in this case, you won’t believe it until you feel it! When you apply it for the first time, you can actually feel the “tingle” sensation of exfoliation!  That’s when you look at the jar and think “that’s why it’s called tingle exfoliate treatment!” The composition is a bit grainy and it's extremely muddy so probably best to apply with a brush to spread evenly. However, the mud does dry quicker than you think. As far as the “Glam Glow.” You can actually see the results instantly. It doesn’t take a few facemask treatments to see results. After the first treatment my face is noticeably tighter, smoother and very supple, I highly recommend to price you got to pay for this “youth mud.”

Simple Kind to Skin Deep Cleansing Face Mask

This is the kind of face mask most people associate with when they think of face masks. You’ve seen these type of mask before where you apply to your face and watch the magic happen. It's very affordable and yet it provides the benefits I was looking for leaving your skin looking and feeling radiant and glowing, In addition if you use this product 2x or 3x per week really eliminates those blemishes. There really is not setbacks with this mud mask.  I highly recommend this face mask.

Dr. Organic Rose Otto Face Mask

Only use this facemask when you want your skin smelling like fresh roses – literally! The mud mask has a very distinct aroma of rose flower like smell but its oil based, well it better! It’s called Organic Rose for a reason! But if you're the type of person that can’t stand the smell of flowers or scented floral not a fan of such a floral pong, steer clear. I, however, love the aroma, and would recommend using this nourishing mask while having a long soak in the bath for the ultimate 'me time' treat. The product is easy to apply, and, despite the clay, is dispensed as a white cream. It dries quickly – within 5-10 minutes – and is easy to remove with warm water and a flannel. Afterwards, my skin certainly looked smoother and softer. Not only that, but the effects seemed to last long after the mask had been removed. Plus, this product uses natural ingredients and is paraben–free – perfect for my bonkers skin. Would I buy it again? Definitely!

Novexpert the Repulp Mask

This is the face mask that claims to give you the baby soft skin instantly. Repulp Mask also restores comfort by regenerating deep from within the skin targeting cells to act younger. The natural ingredients work wonders providing vivid results without a single outside component. The primary benefits are smooth-tightness effect, toning, nourishment.

This face mask is most helpful for those in a constant state of stress. The skin responds with positive results. However, it’s not baby soft, but it definitely felt rejuvenated and youthful and my complexion was smoother and supple light appearance. The mask utilizes vitamin E, pomegranate and green tea and is great for dry skin. I highly recommend it!

Dr Hauschka Rejuvenating Mask

This line of mud mask has a target audience. It’s really for those with pale skin and it really brings out the color in your face. This formula also helps with dry skin and helps increase the elasticity of pores. This formula claim it can help with scare tissure. Nurturing plant oils soothe and calm sensitivities as well as moisturizing the skin.

If you're after a mask which is easy to apply, smells lovely and doesn't need a lot of product to cover the face, this is it. Apply for 20 minutes and leave to develop, before gently rinsing off to reveal smoother skin, which feels nourished and clean.



Spray tanning is somewhat similar to the sun tanning, it is also known as Ultraviolet-free tanning and self-tanning. In this, the human body comes across the exposure of the chemicals that produce the similar effects to that suntan. Yes! Much effective and requires fewer efforts in comparison. The huge population is the colder regions getting avail of this.

Today, we find the majority of salon and spa in the world offering this tanning because it is showing a better effect in lesser time as judged but, there are some risks in regarding the skin care which should be considered before applying this for sake of the well-being.


·      The most common danger is DHA contained by sprays, which is a color additive, it cannot be inhaled and exposed to lips, nose or any other sensitive portion because it can cause the serious problems including nausea, and headache.

·      As we all know the sprays produce the effect similar to sun rays, because it contains sunscreen in larger quantity. The sunscreen contains avobenzone when it exposed to Ultraviolet light, it produces a triply excited state in the keto form which is highly dangerous and introduces inimical effects. In order to remain protected from this harmful effect, you should use SPF (Sun Protection Factor).

·      In many salons, you might have noticed that the experts use chemical fragrances to enhance the smell of the sprays, but additionally, it cause skin allergies and rashes. So, avoid this.

·      The experts guide not to inhale during self-tanning but, unfortunately, we cannot stop breathing during the treatment hence, it is estimated that if anybody mistakenly inhales the compound then, it produces free radicals in the body which are the main cause of cancer and lung’s damages.

·      If you are an asthmatic patient then, spray tanning would not be the best option to choose it can cause harmful effect during application and even after that also. Or if you hadn’t asthma but you are regular with this treatment then, please stop having regular exposure because here you are increasing the chances to get this disease.

·      As I mentioned, spray tanning is the wide source of producing free radicals. According to the study in Berlin, expert disclosed that they found 180 percent more free radicals and DHA in the body in comparison to those who don’t use sunless treatment. You can estimate now, how dangerous it can be because these tanning sprays do not offer any protection against U-V rays. When exposure to the skin, these free radicals can incorporate and with a combination of few other chemicals can effectively changes the color of the body and introduce suntan effect. Well, have you noticed the line, “THESE FREE RADICALS CAN INCORPORATE” I hope that you can understand its cost better now!

So, these were some risks and dangers of using the spray treatment for tanning purpose. All the users should have this basic knowledge and must be careful about these.

Let me here also enlist the safety measures to follow while having self-tanning.


Whenever you will go to a salon for this treatment, your expert will definitely guide you below mentioned tips to follow in order to have less DHA exposure.

·      Before the application, you should be wearing the safety glasses or mask on your eyes to let them prevented from the spray. In any case, if the mist hit this sensitive portion it can lead to blindness or any other severe disease as you already know that the spray contains free radicals.

·      Lips, one of the sensitive parts! You should avoid the exposure of the spray on them; must keep them covered during the process. For the purpose, use lip balm or any other lotion.

·      The mist shouldn’t be inhaled excessively, for the purpose you will surely get many devices comes in the market, choose one that suits. Just wear that on your nose before the application of the spray. Try not to inhale and control the breath as long as possible in any case, if you breathe in excessively, then you are well aware of cancer and other lung’s diseases.

·      Beyond lips, eyes, and nose there are other some portions need to be covered gently. Use undergarments that perfectly cover your organs.

·      If you have any wound and cut on the skin, you must cover them.

So, these were some basic safety measure to follow yes, simple yet tricky. Here you should also be known the reports about spray tanning and skin safety.

Let me inform you.


One report says that during the spray tanning if a very small amount of the DHA penetrates inside the body through the skin pores, then, it can cause serious complication but the FDA states that they are failed in finding any evidence in regarding the incorporation of DHA in a body via pores.

Dr. RIGEL, one expert cited that there is no data found that shows DHA is harmful! When it inhaled then the risks are hypothetical. He further said that the children and the pregnant women should avoid the spray tanning as a precaution.

Panettieri, an expert in Food and Drugs Administration said that DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) is safe enough when it applied carefully and correctly by hiding eyes, nose, wounds and private portions otherwise it is not harmful at all.


So, here it ends up with the hope that you have understood each basic in regarding the safety measures about the spray tanning. It is the streak on the stone that DHA is dangerous and yes it is no matter what other says but near us, surely our skin is more important than a tanning. I must say you should not be practicing it without having all of the protective pieces of equipment. As I said earlier, spray tanning is much effective and requires fewer efforts in comparison to suntan but begging more care!