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About Our Skincare Center

The Skin You're In is a Skincare Spa located in Brea, Ca founded by Renee Fox. We specialize in Anti Aging and Acne clearance and we treat every client as family. Every facial is completely customized to fit your skin type and concerns. 

Our staff consists of three licensed estheticians, Renee (the owner), Michelle, and Nicole. All of whom give the best personalized care. 

Beautiful Skin requires commitment, not a miracle.
— Renee Fox

We understand that everyone has things about their skin they would like to improve. The good news is, that through professional services, high quality products and consistency, beautiful results CAN be achieved. Our staff has worked with hundreds of people and hundreds of different skin types. Don't hesitate to call us today and tell us your skin concerns. More than likely there is a treatment that can fix it! 

Renee Fox

I have been a licensed Esthetician for 10 years and I have worked many jobs in small salons, franchises and large day spas. I wanted to have a place where I was able to give each of my clients the time and care they deserved with a customized treatment that was perfect for their skin. I did not want to work where my clients were treated as an assembly line, each one having the same thing done over and over again with little time left over to talk about their concerns and how to achieve results. So with the help of my whole family we set out to open up The Skin You're In in August of 2013. With my past work experience and continuous education I strive to not only give great facials but to help with all of your skin concerns and help you achieve your healthiest skin yet. I love working with LED, microcurrent and ultrasonic as these machines yield amazing results for all skin types. I also love that I can use the latest new technology in all my services to enhance the benefits of our products and to really give your skin a boost. You are my number one priority when you choose me to be your Esthetician!